"Susie's Story" by Carol Flett

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Erlise (5 yrs old) said...

Can you read it to us again?

Marion Maddox said...

This is an excellent book,well written. It is exciting but has a good lesson to it as well. I recommend it highly. I'm looking forward with anticipation to read the next book.
Marion Maddox

Ben Peters said...

Susie's Story is a great book for kids and adults alike. Carol Flett has
excellent writing skills and weaves a lot of interesting history into a
fascinating plot. I very much enjoyed reading Susie's Story.

Ben R. Peters - Author of eight books to date, including "God's Favorite
Number", "Catching Up to the Third World", "Go Ahead, Be So Emotional",

Fred Peters said...

This well-written book gives a good picture of life in Russia during the aftermath of the Revolution in the 1920s.

Carol Flett said...

These first comments are some that I have transfered from my other web site and may be slightly out of date. From here on I hope to see some new entries.

Valerie Keeble said...

Susie's story is a well written book that keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. Very easy to read and entertaining as well.This book is of special intrest to me because I come from the same background as Susie did. I had the privilage of meeting this wonderful lady and she was a great story teller. Truely a gift passed on to Carol. Well done!